A Prelude:  The Great Designer’s Creation


                                                                        To Design is to Create. To Create is to bring life to that which is not seen.


In the beginning, a great designer has a great vision. To make it visible he starts with a general outline to bring light to his next step. He defines the figure and form, and decorates its appearance with color and beauty from his palette. The designer’s initial vision becomes as vivid as night and day. Next, the designer brings his creation to life making sure it moves and functions in many ways. The great designer’s work is made to reflect his image and when every part of his creation is seen as good, he leaves his signature.


                                                                    The Steve Mootoo label was created to bring life to the dying art of “Pattern Making”.



                                                                         STEVE MOOTOO LABEL: Engineered to Fit.



     A great designer’s work is made to reflect his image. Steve is obsessed with fit. Naturally, his Steve Mootoo label follows suit. Before Steve puts his pen to paper, he has already calculated the measurements required to craft sharp tailored clothing. Every stitch serves a purpose whether it be on a crisp button down shirt or etched down the sides of a pair of jeans. Seams meet and align in perfection constructing comfortable clothing that hug the outline of the wearer’s body and compliment his physique. The Steve Mootoo collection is finely crafted with quality fabrics that are not just pleasing to the eye but delectable to the touch. Our tailor slim fitted silhouette is designed to deliver a handsome relationship between fit, function and style.



                                                                                                   STEVE MOOTOO:  The Designer


     Steve’s passion for the industry began while visiting tailor shops with his dad in the country of his birth, Guyana. Steve had a precocious fashion sense and by age 11 he announced to his dad his future plans “ I would like to design my own clothes”.

      Steve honed his early basic skills by fixing curtains, bed sheets, hems and loose buttons on shirts for his mom. Later, Steve attended design school and excelled in technical design and pattern making. His craftsmanship opened the door for remarkable opportunities. To make the best of his skills, Steve moved to the city of opportunity, New York. With nothing but design etiquette in his pockets, Steve quickly earned a reputation of impeccable patternmaking for US manufacturers and factories around the World. 

     Steve has worked in the fashion industry for 30 years sharing his talent and creating patterns for some of the world’s leading brands before creating his eponymous line, Steve Mootoo. Today, Steve relies on the intricate details of intelligent design to make clothing specifically with you in mind.